JHNA Innovation Lab

Our in-house Software Architecture and Innovation Lab (JSAIL)

JHNA recently made a capital investment to build and develop a Software Architecture and Innovation Lab (JSAIL).  This lab is being used for multiple research (basic and applied) and development efforts.  Its primary purpose is to motivate JHNA employees and selected partners, including government employees, to explore new ideas, extend existing systems, or tinker with hardware or software to which they may not have access in their daily roles. 

Our JSAIL provides a curated hardware and software development environment where engineers can mentor and receive training on different tools and techniques to develop new skills or improve existing ones. Its will serve as an independent location for concept exploration, and proof of concept for other government or industry developed architectures. 

Our JHNA JSAIL is currently under development and will have three major build-out phases. The first phase, completed in April 2019, provides employees with access to various high-end workstations, multiple Raspberry Pi kits, and Rhapsody and VAPS XT software.


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