Program Management Support

Through careful oversight and ongoing management, JHNA improves performance and results

Through our Program Management Support services, our JHNA consultants, several of whom were board-select, certified Level III Program Managers in their respective Services, provide ongoing mentoring, coaching, and decision-making support to Department of Defense and other clients.

JHNA’s wealth of experienced Materiel Acquisition Management professionals enable improved performance and schedule realism, while mitigating cost, schedule, and technical performance risk for complex programs.  Our consultants have led multi-disciplinary teams of military and civilian personnel working with Service Staffs and industry partners to deliver key Warfighting systems.     

Our team understands how programmatic and technical risk derail programs. Our continuous collaboration and engagement with stakeholders give us early insight into program risk and root causes of those risks. We draw on decades of experience to develop actionable mitigation activities to address these issues, harmonizing them with stakeholders, and following through until resolution. By taking ownership of the problem in support of our customers, we help ensure that acquisition programs maximize system capabilities and program performance while mitigating risk.

Our consultants assist with program technical planning and technical management in the areas of technology maturation, systems and software engineering, architectures, integration, reliability, and manufacturing throughout the acquisition life cycle. We develop and measure technical performance with measures and metrics to track progress-to-plan. Our competencies include documentation of technical requirements documents, concepts of operation, acquisition plans and strategies, interface control documents, test and evaluation plans, specifications, and other documents.

JHNA plans and organizes multi-disciplinary program management reviews, systems engineering technical reviews, and test and evaluation reviews for acquisition programs. We have done this for small S&T projects and large Major Defense Acquisition Programs.  At major milestones and oversight decision points for programs, JHNA completes in-depth management and engineering evaluations to identify the most significant information, risks, and issues for stakeholders.

JHNA has dedicated subject matter experts who excel at framing operational concepts in terms both engineers and requirements developers can understand. Organizations like TARDEC, PM-Force Projection and PM-Next Generation Combat Vehicle count on JHNA. JHNA’s growing presence in the Tidewater, Virginia and Huntsville, Alabama are also progressing U.S. Army Aviation initiatives, to include the Army’s Future Vertical lift enterprise. We help the S&T community navigate the challenges of developing disruptive technologies for an Army seeking to dominate in battle across all domains.

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