Advanced Teaming

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The future of weapons systems and warfighter technology is at the core of JHNA's Advanced Teaming services. Standing at the forefront of this field, innovative JHNA consultants are helping the systems and technology community navigate the challenges of developing disruptive technologies for an Army seeking to dominate in battle across all domains.

We know that Army Aviation urgently requires operational capabilities to achieve and sustain overmatch against adversaries in an era of rapidly evolving technology. These capabilities must provide substantial improvements in lethality, survivability, reach, and agility as well as the flexibility to allow rapid capability modifications and upgrades. 

Our JHNA Advanced Teaming experts understand the necessity of including these capabilities in Future Vertical Lift aircraft, such as the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) and Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA), and the Advanced Unmanned Aircraft System (AUAS), requires the synchronized development and timely transition of several enabling mission systems technologies including: a digital backbone, advanced survivability and protection systems, enhanced lethal and non-lethal effectors, secure communications and networking, and highly advanced autonomy technologies.

Our dedicated subject matter experts excel at framing operational concepts in terms both engineers and requirements developers can understand. In fact, organizations like TARDEC, PM-Force Projection and PM-Next Generation Combat Vehicle rely on JHNA for guidance and leadership in this next generation field.

We currently provide technology research and analysis for several government clients, including Army program managers directly involved with Robotic and Autonomous Systems who use JHNA services to define militarily useful operational expectations for robotic behaviors while seeking autonomous and A.I. capabilities. 

Notable JHNA projects include:
  • JHNA provided CCDC (Combat Capabilities Development Command) with the industry's best Operational Aviation mission set CONOPs in support of Advanced Teaming initiatives.
  • JHNA provides current operationally relative subject matter expertise / analysis for aviation manned-unmanned evaluations in support of the FVL that are focused on the impact of new autonomy, decision aiding and human machine interface technologies in the execution of Army Aviation missions.
  • JHNA assists in planning, coordinating and executing incremental and full mission test evaluations in support of Air Launched Effects and Advanced Teaming.
  • JHNA is proving subject matter expertise on the Optimally crew Vehicle study that will inform FVL on the impact of autonomy and the future of manning FARA and FLARAA. The purpose of this work is to articulate strategies for future crewing options in support of FVL that take into account the complex, dynamic nature of helicopter operations. OCV will emphasize strategies to support complimentary automation in which human-machine teams are designed to support complex cognitive activities and understanding the tradeoff with increased automation in high levels of uncertainty.

JHNA assists the government in their pursuit of autonomy technologies necessary to enable teamed, multi-domain operations in lethal, denied environments, including the US Army's Advanced Teaming Program. This program is developing and demonstrating advanced teaming of manned and unmanned aviation assets to execute tactical missions with minimal human intervention, while operating as part of a combined arms team in a contested multi-domain battle space. It will develop, mature, integrate, and demonstrate technologies for autonomy and teaming essential to satisfying operational capability requirements of the FARA, FLRAA, and AUAS ecosystem, enhancing the capabilities of the current fleet and enabling operational concepts envisioned by the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) Cross Functional Team (CFT) and the wider military community. 


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