Systems Engineering & Model Based Systems Engineering

Employee technology to solve warfighter needs

Integrated. Coherent. Synchronized. These client needs are the driving forces behind our Systems Engineering & Model Based Systems Engineering services. At JHNA we apply our combined expertise as warfighters and engineers to provide solutions to our clients' most complex systems. It's this unique dual perspective that allows us to strategically apply our methodologies and processes to challenges and opportunities across the systems engineering process, resulting in solid digital engineering solutions tailored to meet the warfighter need.

Systems Development

In the early stages of systems engineering, our work centers around clarifying the end user’s needs and problems, capturing the goals the system is intended to support, and then measuring and evaluating the system's effectiveness in supporting these goals.

Our JHNA consultants do this by documenting the required system functionality, interfaces, physical and performance characteristics linked directly to the goals, and any effectiveness measures documented in our modeling environment. We then capture alternative system solutions by organizing the preliminary system design into modeling components that satisfy the modeled system requirements. This provides a digital environment to compare and contrast solutions that optimize the design and maximize the stated effective measures.

Characteristic of our careful and diligent work, our model based engineering environment maintains traceability from the system goals to the system and component requirements. It is during the system integration and test process, that the verified components are integrated into the system. System test cases are developed and digitally documented to verify the system requirements are satisfied.

The end result is a disciplined system engineering process coupled with digital engineering rigor that produces a well-documented and traceable balanced system solution that satisfies our stakeholder needs.  

On-going Support

During the operations and support phase, our JHNA consultants continue to fine tune solutions. We develop fielding plans, assist with system upgrades, develop training programs that optimize system use, and facilitate hardware and software training and integration.

JHNA’s end-to-end system development support ensures the system stays responsive to warfighter needs and within the realm of engineering capability.


Our Systems Engineering Services help clients:

Focus on early acquisition activities, such as requirements definition, development planning, and early acquisition systems engineering support

Lead multi-functional teams to provide broad-scoped support assessments to identify and reduce risks

Evaluate milestones and determine program impact

Identify and implement systems engineering best practices

Assess program data and make correction recommendations when appropriate

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