Software Engineering & Architecture

Finding cutting edge solutions to warfighter challenges

Connecting today's warfighter needs with the next generation of warfighter technology is our Software Engineering & Architecture service objective. Our engineering consultants have not only experienced warfighter challenges first-hand, but also solved these challenges using them as opportunities to push technology to its cutting edge limits. The results are better, more advanced—and conscientious—deliverables.

Key to our successes within this field are are our extraordinarily talented and uniquely qualified consultants. Our team's breadth of expertise in software engineering and robotics is unparalleled. In fact, one of our senior engineers wrote the Army's Robotics Plan.

Our track record of success is not limited to deployed deliverables. JHNA has a long history of positively collaborating across agencies and departments, and we are often tapped as a bridge between the Army and Navy.

JHNA provides unparalleled expertise to the government in the exploration of innovative ways to employ various types of manned and unmanned aircraft systems with disparate capabilities, avionics and mission systems software, and survivability or lethality payloads, as part of Army Aviation operations involving teamed engagement, force protection, and maneuver.

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